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Commercial & Industrial Sandblasting in Granbury, TX

For over 15 years, Diamond C Sandblasting & Painting in Granbury, TX has been a trusted name for a range of sandblasting services. Sandblasting is used to remove paint or coatings from a variety of materials and products including wood, concrete, steel, building interiors & exteriors, and more. Our contractors have the skills and experience to provide sandblasting in a variety of applications. We are able to dry blast and wet blast, and also have portable units.

Our sandblasting capabilities include applications for glass, concrete, steel wood, trailers, BBQ pits, furniture,tractors, and more. We use a range of media for blasting including: steel grit, glass bead, garnet, recycled glass, and coal slag. Our company handles both large and small sandblasting jobs and focuses on excellent customer service.

Our Sandblasting Services

Wet Sandblasting

Wet sandblasting is typically used to exterior job. This technique uses water to remove old stucco, paint, tex-cote and other materials. It is the most common sandblasting technique and typically leaves the surface very rough, which helps it better absorb paint. Call today to learn more!

Dry Sandblasting

Dry sandblasting is used for metal projects. It does not utilize water, but instead highly pressurized air. This application is used to remove rust on metal surfaces. Our team is trained to safely operate dry sandblasting equipment. We have the capability to sandblast anything metal from lawn furniture to oilfield trailers. Call today to learn more!

Our Facility

Our 12,750 sq. ft. facility can accommodate tankers, trailers and other large equipment.

Some Features of Our Facility

4 Overhead Cranes
(3 Two Ton and 1 Five Ton)

Paint Booth
(70′ long x 20′ wide x 14′ high w/ 16′ wide x 14′ tall door)

Paint Room
(50′ x 40′ x 16′ high)

Paint Room
(40′ x 35′ x 20′ w/ a 20′ x 20′ door)

Blast Booth
18′ wide x 65′ long x 20′ tall

Sandblasting Services at Diamond C Sandblasting & Painting
Sandblasted sign for Granbury by Diamond C Sandblasting & Painting
Aledo Grove sign painted and sandblasted by Diamond C Sandblasting & Painting
Diamond C Sandblasting & Painting sandblasting

In addition to sandblasting services, our contractors offer a full line of commercial and industrial painting services. For more information about our services, or to receive a free estimate, please contact us today at 817-910-9100.